Arif Akkılıç

Arif Akkilic works for the institute “Im Kontext”, Vienna; for many years he has been assisting the work of the Confederation of Workers and Adolescents of Turkish Origin in Austria (ATIGF), e.g., by co-organising a “Long March” from Vorarlberg to Vienna against xenophobia and the Aliens Act (1987); from 1987 to 1993 he worked as a counsellor at the migrants resource centre in Lower Austria; he contributed to the youth centres “Back on Stage” and “Back Bone” and served as a community worker and educational consultant for the Integrationshaus; he co-organised the exhibition “Gastarbajteri” at the Wien Museum in 2004, supporting the institution’s public relations and management; he contributed to the projects “Cafe Melange”, “City in Vision” and “Meidling is….”; in 2011/12 he helped develop an association between various clubs and the public libraries in the 10th and 11th municipal districts of Vienna; in 2011/12 he created the show “Öneri Report” for Okto-TV; together with L. Bratić he developed and executed the campaign “50 years of Labour Migration – Archive Now!” for the Wienwoche 2012.